What does Castle Biosciences do?
Castle Biosciences is a molecular diagnostics company that provides actionable, tumor-specific information for improved treatment decisions and patient outcomes in dermatologic, gastroenterology and eye diseases. We conduct sophisticated studies to develop and validate the accuracy of our tests, which assess specific tumor biology to predict the likelihood of disease recurrence or progression or likely response to therapy. We also have tests to assist dermatopathologists and dermatologists in clarifying difficult to diagnose pigmented lesions. Our tests provide patients and their doctors with critical information for better management of their disease.

What tests does the Company offer?
Castle Biosciences offers tests designed to identify metastatic risk in cutaneous melanoma, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and uveal melanoma. We also offer a test for use in patients diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus that predicts the progression to high grade dysplasia or esophageal cancer.  In addition, we have active research programs in other dermatologic, gastroenterologic, and ocular diseases.

How are your tests paid for?
Castle Biosciences works with all insurance providers, including Medicare, commercial insurers, and the VA, to secure payment coverage for tests. Castle will submit insurance claims and manage the insurance billing process on behalf of patients. The company also sponsors an industry-leading Patient Assistance Program with the belief that quality care should not depend on financial considerations.

You can get more information about insurance coverage, claims processing, and financial assistance by calling 866-788-9007 and selecting option #3.

Is the Castle Biosciences laboratory certified and accredited?
Castle Biosciences’ laboratories in Phoenix, AZ and Pittsburgh, PA have Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification.

What is the process for TissueCypher testing, and how long before I would receive a result?
Your healthcare provider can fill out and send a requisition form to Castle Biosciences from our Order Test page. For some of our tests, your healthcare provider’s office will receive a specimen kit for preparing and sending the tissue sample to the lab for analysis. The lab will send a report with the test results within approximately 24-28 business days from sample receipt.

What if my doctor doesn’t know about the TissueCypher test?
This type of testing is an emerging, fast-growing field so it would not be unusual for your doctor to be unaware of all the tests that are now available for treatment planning. If your doctor is interested in more information beyond our test descriptions on this website, please refer them to Castle Biosciences’ customer service (at 412-920-3050 or email customer.service@castlebiosciences.com).

Can I order a test as a patient?
Only a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner can order a Castle test.

Who can I contact if I have a question?
Please call our customer service staff at 412-920-3050 or email customer.service@castlebiosciences.com.