Anatomic pathology (AP) testing, the analysis of tissue through a light microscope by a pathologist is a fundamental tool of healthcare and diagnostic testing practiced by thousands of pathologists around the world.

Anatomic pathology testing remains a highly clinically useful tool, however Inherent challenges in the approach include well-understood subjectivity, variability and workflow inefficiencies.


As described in the Journal of Pathology Informatics, the scientific team at Cernostics, along with collaborators at Geisinger Health System and the University of Pittsburgh, developed TissueCypher™, a quantitative and multiplexed biomarker imaging approach that applies systems biology to anatomic pathology.   See article here: Journal of Pathology Informatics Paper – TissueCypher™: A Systems Biology Approach to Anatomic Pathology


The TissueCypher™ Platform introduced and described in this scientific publication provides opportunity to improve anatomic pathology testing through:

1)      Deeper understanding of tissues as a complex system of interacting cell types, including stromal components such as immune cells.

2)      Quantitative, objective assessment of protein expression and specific subsets of cells in context of tissue structure.

3)      Measurement of both genetic and non-genetic heterogeneity inherent within tissue.